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, XIX, 33, (2019). ISSN 1695-6214 © Lorenzo Silva Ortiz, 2019
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The present work addresses, from a historical-visual analysis, one of
the most interesting works of the natural author of Lorraine Jacques Callot
who, under the original title of Les Grandes Misères et Malheurs de la Guerre,
published in Paris in 1633 this composite series for eighteen prints. Along with
a brief biographical sketch of the Lorraine’s´ artist and a brief formal analysis
of the work, throughout the article the physical and psychological violence
exercised by the armies in the campaign during the Thirty Years' War is
studied, using as the main source of information these etchings. Finally, prior
to the presentation of the final conclusions, the influence of this series of
engravings on the work of other important artists who in later centuries
addressed the theme of war throughout their artistic production is analyzed.
Palabras Clave
Jacques Callot, grabado, Guerra de los Treinta Años, Miserias de la
Guerra, violencia, siglo XVII.
Jacques Callot, engraving, Thirty Years War, Miseries of War, violence,
XVIIth century.