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Año XXII, Número 39, enero 2022
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                           Alonso  de  Covarrubias  is  one  of  the  most  outstanding  architects  of

                    Spain  of  the  XVI  century.  His  artistic  production  suffers  continuous  and
                    substantial transformations throughout his professional career. Where we can

                    find,  more  than  in  any  other  element,  a  better  knowledge  of  the  different

                    stylistic  transitions  of  his  work  and  his  architectural  progress,  it  is  in  the
                    courtyards and the cloisters, which constitute a perfect reflection of it. In a first

                    stage  his  reference  is  Lorenzo  Vázquez,  especially  when  it  comes  to
                    decoration. The access he had to the fourth book of Serlio's treatise in 1540

                    produced a change in him, now he tries to perform an exercise of ordered and
                    proportional  composition,  of  formal  abstraction  and  decorative  simplification.

                    As of 1542, he left definitively the Alcarreña reference and obtained what is

                    explained  in  books  III  and  IV  of  Serlio's  treaty,  with  which  proportionality  is
                    interpreted  and  handled  in  all  its  perfection  as  well  as  the  whole  and  the

                    modules and their different components As well as the adoption of a sobriety
                    and content in the decoration, which now acquires a symbolic character.

                           Palabras Clave

                           Alonso de Covarrubias, etapas, transición, patios, claustros, alcarreña,

                    decoración, Lorenzo Vázquez, Serlio.


                           Alonso  de  Covarrubias,  stages,  transition,  courtyards,  cloisters,
                    alcarreña, decoration, Lorenzo Vázquez, Serlio

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