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, XVIII, 32, (2018). ISSN 1695-6214 © Lorenzo Silva Ortiz, 2018
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The present work approaches from an own analysis of the quantitative
methodology the incidence of the Spanish flu in the localities of the Campiña
Sur de Badajoz. For the realization of the article has been used a thorough
examination of the primary documentation contained in the civil registries of
different peoples that have given us a significant sample and with the
necessary level of confidence to be able to extend the results to those of all
the judicial party of Llerena. It is based on a general study of what the global
epidemic entailed and an analysis of the issue through existing historiography
in order to analyze its development and its consequences on the populations
under investigation after proposing the previous hypotheses.
Palabras Clave
Gripe, dama española, influenza, pandemia, epidemia, mortalidad,
demografía, conflictividad social, Campiña Sur, Badajoz
Flu, spanish lady, influenza, pandemic, mortality, demography, social
conflictivity, Campiña Sur, Badajoz