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Año XXII, Número 39, enero 2022
           Depósito Legal M-34.164-2001

                 ISSN 1695-6214
                                                              Historia Digital colabora con la Fundación ARTHIS

                           Lafayette  Journal  and  Courier
                                                                      The Kane Republican (Kane, PA)
                    (Lafayette, IN)

                           Las Vegas Daily Optic (Las Vegas,          The  Kingsport  Times  (Kingsport,

                    NM)                                        TN)

                                                                      The    Kingston   Daily   Freeman
                           Lead Daily Call (Lead, SD)
                                                               (Kingston, NY)

                           Logansport        Pharos-Tribune           The  Klamath  News  (Klamath  Falls,

                    (Logansport, IN)                           OR)

                           Los  Angeles  Times  (Los  Angeles,
                                                                      The Kokomo Tribune (Kokomo, IN)

                           Lubbock    Morning     Avalanche           The Lake County Times (Hammond,
                    (Lubbock, TX)                              IN)

                           Macon  Chronicle-Herald  (Macon,           The    Lancaster    Daily   Eagle
                    MO)                                        (Lancaster, OH)

                           Mansfield Journal (Mansfield, OH)          The Lincoln Star (Lincoln, NE)

                           Marshall    Evening     Chronicle          The  Mansfield  News  (Mansfield,
                    (Marshall, MI)                             OH)

                           Marshall    Evening    Messenger
                                                                      The Marion Star (Marion, OH)
                    (Marshall, TX)

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