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Año XXII, Número 39, enero 2022
           Depósito Legal M-34.164-2001

                 ISSN 1695-6214
                                                              Historia Digital colabora con la Fundación ARTHIS


                           Near ninety years after the coup attempt known as “La Sanjurjada”, this

                    research paper proposes an approach to the information published in the U.S.

                    daily  press  at  the  time  of  the  failed  civil-military  uprising  against  the
                    government of the Second Spanish Republic.

                           Promoted  by  people  with  different  ideologies  and  motivations,  this
                    uprising sought in the first instance to rectify some of the measures promoted

                    by the republican-socialist conjunction, particularly the agrarian reform and the
                    promulgation of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, as well as ending the

                    general climate of instability that the activity of organizations located on both
                    the left and the right of the political spectrum had been provoking since the

                    advent of the new regime. However, its fast failure was interpreted as an act

                    of republican legitimation that would reveal itself as a mere mirage only four
                    years later.

                           Palabras Clave

                           Sanjurjo,  Segunda  República,  prensa,  Sanjurjada,  golpe  de  estado,



                           Sanjurjo,  Second  Spanish  Republic,  press,  Sanjurjada,  coup  d'etat,


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