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Año XXIII, Número 42, Julio 2023

           Depósito Legal M-34.164-2001

                 ISSN 1695-6214
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                           The veterani had a great role in the colonies foundation of the Roman

                    Empire.  In  this  work,  we  are  going  to  tackle  the  reality  of  the  veterani  who

                    settled  in  the  Iberian  Peninsula,  through  an  analysis  structured  in  two  main
                    blocks:  the  study  of  the  figure  of  the  veteranus  and  the  colonies  at  whose

                    foundation there are elements from the army.

                           This will be done by analysing what was involved in obtaining the status

                    of veteran. Not only the acquisition of privileges derived from their rank, but
                    other aspects such as: their integration into civilian life, what motivated them

                    to choose their place of residence – when they had a choice – and how they
                    were perceived by their new neighbours.

                           For the analysis of the colonies we have to start with the supposed first
                    foundation in Hispania, Italica. We will continue with the foundations of s. II

                    BC,  and  then  focus  on  three  important  figures  in  the  Hispanic  colonization

                    phenomenon: Cecilio Metelo, Caesar and Augustus.

                           The  final  aim  of  this  work  is  to  expose  the  relationship  between  the

                    colonies of the Iberian Peninsula and the veterans of the armies that passed
                    through Hispania during nearly three centuries of conflict.

                           Palabras Clave

                           colonias, ejército, veteranos, deductio, estatus, Hispania


                           colonies, army, veterans, deductio, status, Hispania

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