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Año XXIII, Número 41, enero 2023
           Depósito Legal M-34.164-2001

                 ISSN 1695-6214
                                                              Historia Digital colabora con la Fundación ARTHIS


                           History  provides  us  with  the  knowledge  of  how  Jews  have  been

                    persecuted, abused, mistreated and killed in Europe, since ancient times. But
                    their situation was aggravated when Christianity managed to be declared the

                    sole and oficial religion in the Roman Empire, deteriorated much more in the

                    Middle Ages and culminated in Germany with the Shoah in the 20th century.
                    Laws  and  actions  carried  out  in  pre-modern  times  against  Jews  have  been

                    termed “anti-Judaism”; on the contrary, the praxis emanating in modern times
                    has been described as “anti-Semitism”. The first denomination would have an

                    exclusivey religiousroot and the second racial. But was medieval anti-Judaism
                    really  free  from  recism?  Was  the  religious  question  decoupled  from  the

                    ascription  of  Jews  to  race?  And,  in  anti-Semitism,  aren´t  the  sacred  text  of

                    Judaism still being used to build and legitimize the rejection and threatening
                    image of the Jews?

                           With this article-essay, we intend to highlight the posible concomitances
                    between both ideologies, recognizing, at the same time, that i some nations

                    the racial aspect predominates (Germany) and in others the religious aspect
                    (Spain); but without missing in each one neither the one nor the other.

                           Palabras Clave

                           antijudaísmo; antisemitismo; cristianismo; religión; racismo; nazismo.


                           anti-Judaism; anti-Semitism; Christianity; religion; racism; Nazism.

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